Despite the benefits AMT offers, the majority of EU SMEs are not yet using these technologies, although there are notable differences across sectors and countries, and depending on the size of the company.

To overcome these obstacles we aim to pursue 4 main objectives:

  1. Strengthen capacities of small and medium-sized companies regarding skills, local ecosystems and access to finance
  2. Promote the uptake of high-end AMT through joint pilot plants and demonstrators, a better exploitation of the Framework Research Programme and standardisation
  3. Support new service-based business models for the diffusion of AMT
  4. Improve the alignment of European, national and regional policies

Aims & benefits

Through our course you will be able to:

  • Find out how to turn AMTs into an opportunity for your business which includes making AMTs an opportunity for your customers
  • Cut through the unsubstantiated benefits and noise and learn the salient points of ICT-enable AMTs Capitalise on the industrial revolution and how to best ensure AMT adoption
  • Identify potential weaknesses in current practices which could be addressed through AMT adoption
  • Preview the latest technology for VR / simulation in production reconfiguration, product design, digital design technologies, adaptable manufacturing, etc.


The long term benefits include:

  • A Generation of awareness among European SMEs in relation to the benefits of AMT and more specifically how these translate to functional requirements 
  • Knowledge dissemination with regards to how the AMT challenge can be turned into an opportunity of high potential
  • Better professional activity among the target groups leading to an increase in revenues without any significant increase in costs associated with AMT adoption.