FAME project's second meeting!

The FAME consortium met for a second time in June 2019 in Cyprus to take stock of project progress thus far and to discuss how to proceed. All partners were represented at the meeting apart from DANMAR.

Partners began with an overview of the project's intellectual outputs, reviewing progress to date and briefly outlining upcoming deadlines and the substantive content to be delivered by the relevant dates. This was repeated with multiplier events and a discussion of the planned LTTA and final project meeting, during which partners agreed to try to combine the final meeting and the LTTA in order to work more efficiently and save costs. 

This was followed with a more in-depth discussion of the intellectual outputs and the individual activities under each one, along with reviews of quality, dissemination and budget. The partners took this opportunity to solidify their common approach to developing the results of the projects, discussing possible ways to implement their aims and how to achieve that.

They close the meeting with a reaffirmation of their deadlines and a decision to have an online meeting in early September