AMT Implementation Assistant

Do you want to be an AMT Manager? FAME will allow you to participate in an online training course aiming to increase your awareness on the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) in the sectors of Food & Beverages, Wood & Furniture, Metal, and Electronics & Electrical Equipment.


ICT-enabled AMTs

Do you have a manufacturing SME or work for a company operating in the sectors of Food and Beverages, Wood & Furniture, Metal, or Electronics and Electrical Equipment? With the FAME platform you can improve your skills and competences in relation to ICT-enabled AMTs processes and tools to retain, but also increase revenue, by lifting the AMT barrier and realize your business potential.


How to

Do you face difficulties with advanced technologies in manufacturing for the Food and Beverages, Wood & Furniture, Metal, or Electronics and Electrical Equipment sectors? The FAME platform consists of 42 actions across 7 training modules. Our Virtual Assistant will help you with setting up an individual learning path.



Benefit from the provided handy e-tools and learn how to adopt and implement Advanced Manufacturing Technologies at your own time and pace.


What is FAME?

FAME is an innovative project which aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs within the sectors of Food and Beverages, Wood & Furniture, Metal, and Electronics and Electrical Equipment and help them in the adoption and use of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies within their businesses. By developing a new AMT Manager professional profile, SME managers and staff will acquire the skills and knowledge to adopt needed AMTs and to identify and exploit opportunities using such AMTs.
The FAME platform offers its users free personalized training, facilitating the adoption and uptake of high-end AMTs, supporting new service-based business models, and strengthening the capabilities of SMEs in skills and knowledge.

The AMT Implementation Assistant

The FAME Virtual Assistant is an automated system that adjusts the user’s learning path based on individual characteristics – personal and business-wise. The personalized hands-on training on the adoption of proven practices of ICT-enabled AMT processes and tools, helps the user to become an AMT Manager.

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The Skills Retention Service
The Skills Retention Service complements the FAME quality training and ensures that your skills stay up-to-date. Have you gained all the FAME benefits?

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Our goals

The FAME project offers training and tools for SME staff from the sectors of Food and Beverages, Wood & Furniture, Metal, and Electronics and Electrical Equipment in six countries: CYPRUS, FRANCE, GREECE, IRELAND, POLAND, SPAIN and the UK, for the adoption of essential processes related to advanced manufacturing technologies to increase in-company revenues, reduce costs and acquire skills in ICT tools. The course is elaborated based on a set of actions for each advanced manufacturing technology and it comprises a series of modules helping SMEs to understand how to use AMTs to their best advantage.
The elaborated AMTs are:

  1. 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing,

  2. Cloud Manufacturing,

  3. Adaptable Manufacturing,

  4. VR & Simulation Technologies,

  5. Supply Chain Management Tools,

  6. Product Lifecycle Management Systems, and

  7. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

Why should I follow this training?

The FAME training course targets the professionals from the sectors of food & beverages, wood, metal, and electronics & electrical equipment in order to support them in the acquisition of skills and competences to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies in their businesses. AMT Manager By the end of the FAME course you will have everything you need to start reaping the benefits of AMTs. An AMT Manager will be able to:

  • Identify distinct features and practices for each of the AMT core and supporting features.

  • Immediately implement the winning practices and witness the benefits.

  • Acquire knowledge and skills from 42 actions across 7 training modules on AMTs in the fields of food & beverages, wood, metal, and electronics & electrical equipment.