Module 3 - Adaptable manufacturing

  • Current Introduction to Adaptable manufacturing
  • Connected adaptable manufacturing
  • Component and technologies for adaptable manufacturing – connected devices, smart machines and tools
  • Optimization in smart manufacturing
  • Transparency in adaptable manufacturing (real-time visualisation/Integration)
  • Proactive system & adaptable manufacturing (prediction system)
  • Agile flexibility in adaptable manufacturing
  • Complete
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Information message

The connected nature of a smart factory is one of its most important features. A smart factory requires underlying processes and materials to be connected to generate the data necessary the make real-time decisions. Also known as Industry 4.0, the digital factory is a broad network that uses digital technology for modeling, communications, and to operate the manufacturing process, integrated into an end-to-end ecosystem. All the steps in the smart manufacturing process for Industry 4.0 follows the „5C” CPS (Cyber Physical System) architecture in order to obtain smart agile process for better product quality and system reliability with more intelligent and resilient manufacturing equipment.